Over the last 21 years, D.T.C. Enterprise Co., Ltd. has been number one provider of GPS tracking products and services in Thailand. We are currently developing special programs for transportation and digital map system management to make them compatible with GPS devices. Moreover, intelligent automatic transmission called M2M Solutions are developed for leading organizations and government agencies in order to create new products and services and to keep pace with other countries.

D.T.C. Enterprise was founded in 1996. The business started with a transport safety awareness project by establishing Driver Testing Center to help testing drivers’ driving ability, aiming that it would help increasing road safety standard in Thailand. The following projects were designing and producing vehicle monitoring electronic devices, starting with black box in land vehicles which was later developed into today’s real-time GPS car tracking.

We, the company’s president, Mr.Thotspol Kunapermsiri, and over 400 workers, promise that we would relentlessly strive to create and improve the quality of both products and services to please our loyal customers as a return to your trust in the company.

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Leading company in   GPS tracking

and IoT   Solutions

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High quality and various products

Innovation to fulfilling customer requirements

Quality service for the highest customer satisfaction

Market expansion throughout ASEAN

Qualified team and continuous Reserch & Development

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Honesty, ability, harmony, discipline


Board of Directors

Apisit Rujikeatkamjorn
Thotspol Kunapermsiri
Vice  Chairman
Jiraporn Lailuk
Pairat Kunapermsiri
Chan Lailak
Suphant Pornsoongsong
Committee / Chairman of the Audit Committee
Sak Prayoonrarat
Committee / Audit Committee
Amphorm Pornwaragorn
Committee / Audit Committee
Kanyapach Ponmark
Company Secretary

D.T.C. Executive
Management Team

Our Duty

D.T.C. Enterprise Co.,Ltd. is a producer and dealer of satellite land vehicle tracking devices and black box set. We also develop M2M Solution domestically and internationally.

In the past 20 years, DTC Enterprise has done researches and developed various devices from GPS Tracking to communication system called Machine-to-Machine (M2M) which is exchanging and communicating between two machines via networks without human interfacing or interaction—the answer for the future customers’ lifestyle. Also, we have developed high-resolution maps to meet the different usages and purposes of organizations.

At this time, we have exported our products to over 12 countries; China, Philippines, Indonesia, India, Laos, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Kenya, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Myanmar, and Cambodia. The potential of 400 workers allows us to have variety in business, such as:


Satellite vehicle tracking system


Transportation tracking system


Internet geographic information system


Car image, audio,
and location recording device


Containers location tracking device


Vessel tracking device
which supports data transmission
to Department of Fisheries

Our Alliances

Customer Relationship Management

We listen to your needs. DTC Enterprise Co., Ltd. appreciates the importance of our customers. We provide “Customer Relations Center 1176” as one-stop service unit which is available 24/7.  The service includes;

  • How-to installation information

  • Experts advice and recommendation  on our products

  • Customers complaints and recommendation in order to improve our products and services

  • Emergency services with  coordination to whom the incident  may concern



Why leading organizations choose D.T.C.